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12 Interactive Touring Performance & 
Upcycled Instruments Exhibition
12場 互動巡迴演出 & 再生樂器展覽


左右手擊鼓,身體與腦袋協調;規律的節拍,展現時間的流動;讓心神放鬆,讓身體自然律動;我們的呼吸、腳步、 心跳與脈搏。當我們拼命追求「理想」的生活節奏時,還能覺察和照顧與生俱來的內在節奏嗎?


Rhythm is… 

Right and left hands strike the drum, coordination between the brain and body, a steady beat manifests the movement of  time, relaxation of the mind and soul, allowing the body to groove in time, our breathing, walking, heartbeat, and pulse. While  we desperately chase that 'ideal' living rhythm, are we still aware of and taking care of our internal innate rhythm?


非洲傳統音樂,尤其鼓樂,記錄着古老的歷史。由千年前至今,非洲鼓樂在部落或社群的文化、社會及精神上擔任重要的角色。我們的祖先在大自然中以不同物料取材造鼓;不同社群擁有各自的鼓,聲音、形狀及大小等均有獨特之處。非洲鼓樂與生命息息相關,不但是溝通交流的工具、亦是民間情懷的記錄和精神信仰的展現。在現今繁忙的城市裏,讓我們重新連結這種生命精,以隨手可得的建築和塑膠廢料重新製作敲擊樂器。給大家能量和節奏的加油站! 一個集互動表演、展覽和工作坊於一體,以非洲傳統鼓舞及再生樂器為主題的音樂遊樂場。

The history of the African instrument, especially the drum, is rich and diverse. Dating back thousands of years, drumming played a significant role in the cultural, social, and spiritual life of various African communities. Drums in Africa come in various shapes and sizes, created by our ancestors using natural materials. These drums have played a key role in communication, cultural expression, and spirituality for countless generations and continue to do so in the modern world! African drum rhythm is a testament not only to its deep cultural significance but also to its special spiritual significance, as it is connected to our breath, footsteps, and heartbeats.
In the busy city nowadays, we are recalling and reconnecting with this spirit of life. We bring along our African music and dance traditions and recreate percussion instruments with hands-on materials. Rhythm Booster! is a musical playground of interactive performance, exhibition and workshops, for of course, boosting rhythm and positive energy!

Performance & Exhibition Schedule

Upcycled Instruments Exhibition 再生樂器展覽   
13:00 - 16:00 | 14:30 - 17:30
Interactive Touring Performance 
14:00 - 15:00 | 15:30 - 16:30


5. 1       Central Plaza, Tsuen Wan Park

             (Cancelled and will be postponed)

5. 12     Yan Oi Town Square, Tuen Mun


5. 15     Plaza, Sha Tin Town Hall


5. 26     Amphitheatre, Aberdeen                               Promenade


6. 2       Amphitheatre, Stage III of Lai Chi Kok Park


6. 10     Food Kiosk, Quarry Bay Park


6. 23      Plaza, Phase I of Kai Tak Station Square                      啟德車站廣場一期露天廣場

6. 30      Zone A, Lok Fu Place 

               樂富廣場 Zone A

7. 14        Fountain, HKZBG

7. 21        Piazza C, HKCC

7. 28        Performance area, Kwun Tong                                Promenade


The program is an outdoor activity. For safety reasons, the event will be cancelled if there is any sign of rain. Event of the day  will be postponed to another day. Cancellation announcement will be made at 9am on the event day. Please pay attention to the notice at event website, instagram or facebook.

取消安排將於活動當日上午9時宣布,請留意活動網頁, Instagram 或 Facebook。

Bucket Drumming Workshop Registration

  A rhythm learning session leads by our association Djembe master Makha Diop, drumming with upcycled bucket drums!

  由西非鼓大師Makha Diop 帶領大家學習節奏,打奏再生桶鼓樂器!

Age Group 年齡:     4 -12 
Language 語言:      Conducted in English with Cantonese                                        interpretation    以英語為主,輔以粵語

Capacity 人數:         20 per workshop


FREE EVENT! 費用全免! 

Please be reminded that the capacity of each workshop is limited to 20 students. Participant must register for the workshop. 
提提各位每節工作坊名額為 20人,額滿即止。參加者必須報名喔!



6. 1              3-4pm          Dance Room, Ap Lei Chau Sports Centre



6. 8             3-4pm           Dance Room, Lai Chi Kok Park Sports Centre


6. 22           4-5pm           13/F, Foo Tak Building, Wan Chai (SANKOFA)


6. 29          12-1pm          Activity Room, Kowloon Bay Sports Centre


  • Quotas are limited for this event. Registration is necessary for participation. 
    此節目名額有限, 參加者必須報名登記

  • Every child (participant) can be accompanied by 1 adult to the workshop

  • Participant will received confirmation for successful registration within a week.

* The organizer reserves the right to change the program, performers and instructors in case of special circumstances.
* 如遇特殊情況, 主辦機構保留更換節目、表演者及導師的權利。

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