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Culture Series

A session to explore the History & Development, Politics, Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology... of Africa. In forms of Lecture, Discussion, Storytelling, Movie/Documentary Screening, Demonstration....etc.


Learning and understanding a different culture from your own is the first step towards eliminating judgment on someone or something you know nothing about. It is beneficial to us in cultivating the sense of respect and tolerance.We came to celebrate and being supportive to each other instead of condoning differences.

Diving into African culture, development and its art, especially on this topic, allows us insight not only in this exclusive yet truly important history and knowledge, also broaden horizon in reflecting on the effects of colonialism, as well as imperialism. Africa is an exemplar we look up to. Its concurrent decolonization movement in terms of economic, psychological and cultural aspect shows us the way in reclaiming self-conscious and awareness, that is gradually locating us to the common ground of true justice, the righteous attitude to live on earth.


It’s a total reform in mentality and spirituality…Then it comes to the art, the drumming, the physical manifestation. The artist who has the knowledge understood that preservation of the art is the key. In the session, we have learnt that the origin of the Djembe dates back to the 12th century in the Mande Empire in West Africa, a great history of time that we can hardly comprehend. Passing on in form of oral tradition, contains wisdom that is difficult to record in written forms which is another kind of reform to our ‘formal’ linear way of learning and education. It is important for us to develop or actually to recover our intuition, perception and expressing power.

And Most of all, we had great fun in learning and playing rhythms together and sharing fantastic time! 

學習與了解與己不同的文化,是改善無知 (對人、事、物,在蒙昧無知下作判斷) 之起點 ,培育尊重與寬容的修養。來這裡是一場慶祝,學習互相扶持,乃不縱容分歧。


是心態和精神上的革命 - 藝術,非洲鼓樂是此生命態度的實際展現。智睿的藝術家明白保存、保育的意義。昨日的講座提及到Djembe起源於12世紀西非曼丁帝國,是我們無法體會理解的時間量度。非洲鼓樂是一門口傳藝術,當中的智慧難以以書面形式記錄,對於一直接受所謂『正規』教育的城市人們,學習非洲鼓樂開發、甚至叫作恢復,這種人本是自然的直覺、感知、傳達力量。 同時反思現代主流教育模式的漏洞。



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