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Parent Toddler Drum Session

Course Details

6m - 3yr
FRI 10:00 - 10:45am 

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Whatsapp 9551 5020 Makha 


13th Foo Tak Building, 365 Hennessy RD, Wan Chai, HK

Conducted by Teacher Makha Diop, this session has been a popular bonding activity for Mommy, Daddy and their little ones! 

Makha Diop, who was born into the community of drummers and dancers in Senegal. Having over 15 years of transmitting the art and culture in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia with his pioneer group African Drumming and Dance Connection, Makha is experienced and passionate in working with children, where he has developed the work with numerous schools and education institutes. 

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Holistic Aspects
on Early Rhythm & Music Development



Drumming requires the attention and engagement of the whole body, apart of working on the small muscles on those little hands and fingers, it helps to develop coordination, activate touching & hearing senses, practice breathing through vigorous drumming. They feel the drum and rhythm and listen with their whole body, fostering a musical ground-work to last a lifetime.

It’s a great way to boost confidence and express themselves. Feeling rhythm and pulsation makes you want to move, the joy of drumming and moving makes you want to sing along, hearing music can cause you to feel things even before speaking and understanding your own languages. 


In these interactive and innovative sessions, toddlers get to play with small instruments i.e. many kinds of shakers and bells, exploring and identifying different sounds, textures, colours and shape. As well as experiment different ways to hold and make sounds. The session is designed in sequence of games (Call and Response, Animal Games, Shaker Hide & Seek, Roll Calling…)

for them to engage fully at the present. 


In a drum circle, we play the drums and games as a collective, also we can fine space for individual expression and creativity in certain rhythm games. It is a playful environment that encourages children to listen, follow, respond and stay attuned to the group.


Rhythm is innate to us, starting in the womb, from the mother’s heartbeat. As we grow up, recognising the internal rhythm helps us to align ourselves and understand events in time. It is necessary for engaging in dialogue and for synchronising and coordinating ourselves and one another. It helps us to understand unification in terms of human nature. 

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