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Thursday 8 - 10 pm

Saturday 7:30 - 9:30 pm

  • $1000 for 8 sessions

  • $150 Walk-in

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13th Foo Tak Building, 365 Hennessy RD, Wan Chai, HK

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Capoeira, the martial arts from disguised in dance and music, originated from African, was brought to Brazil in the 16th century during the slavery trade. Capoeira has recorded as vast as the indecent history of mankind, and as definite as livelihood, way of life and human connections.


"Capoeira é muito mais do que uma luta, capoeira é ritmo, é música, é malandragem, é poesia, é um jogo, é religião."

Capoeira is much more than a fight, capoeira is rhythm, it's music, it's trickery, it's poetry, it's a game, it's religion.

"Capoeira é tudo que a boca come."
Capoeira is all the mouth eats.

- Mestre Pastinha

In Capoeira Angola, preserving its roots is an important part.
In class we learn to play the traditional instruments and sing songs of Capoeira, where it contains the soul of Capoeira.

We also learn the movement and game of Capoeira. Develop physically, flexibility, intuition, self-defense, expressiveness.

RODA, meaning of a wheel, is where we play Capoeira.
In the roda, capoeiristas switch roles in playing instuments in the band, playing the game in the roda and singing and clapping around the circle. It's the time to have fun and express. The nature of the roda is as well a significant activity to acknowledge the idea to stand up against oppression, as well as to recall the positive nature of mankind. 

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