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Meet our founders

Makha Diop

Makha Diop

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Born and raised in Senegal, West Africa. He grew up playing the Djembe - a traditional African drum, as well as other African percussions. Djembe gains its popularity worldwide throughout the years. Makha’s hometown, Goree Island, an island with rich preservation of African culture heritage, has become a popular landmark for musicians and dancers to pursue further study in West African drumming and dancing. 

Makha’s talent was being discovered at early age and started his drumming life from Senegal and to the world.
Twenty years living in Hong Kong, Makha has established the African Drumming and Dance Connection Company (ADADC), strives to inspire education on African culture and music in Hong Kong, along with the mission to honour African rhythms in the performing arts and living culture. ADADC has marked its footprints extensively throughout China, Japan and Southeast Asian countries.

The company provides various African music and dance performance, also keen on innovative collaborations with various music and multi-disciplinary art units. Educational programs cover local and international schools from kindergartens to universities, as well as company/cooperates team building programs. Aims to promote the knowledge of drumming that initiates harmony, cooperation and joy of human nature.

In this world of rapid critical changes, arising our awareness to the nature is a fundamental importance upon health and conscious growth. African drum and dance teaches the rhythmic vibration created by the hands and feet, deeply connecting to the pulsation of the earth. 

In 2020, along with a few keen African arts & cultural artists, founded Sankofa Hong Kong African Arts & Cultural Association.

Jessica Cheung

Tin Wing


​Fond of nature, dance, music, art and craft.
Tin Wing is an multi-disciplinary artist majoring in music and movement study, stage and screen performance and creative education. Her artistic growth is hugely inspired from cultural and heritage study.

She is a practitioner of African Drum Dance, a student of Makha Diop of African Drumming and Dance Connection. In 2018, she started performing and working with Makha and his company, promoting traditional West African Drumming & Dance and its culture.

Besides, Tin Wing is a pioneering practitioner of Capoeira Angola in Hong Kong, she has established a young community of Capoeira Angola practitioners. The community has worked together in conducting classes, producing events and performing in Music Festivals such as MakeMusicHK & West Kowloon Jazz Festival.

She is also a co-founder of Sankofa Hong Kong African Arts and Culture Association. Promoting, at the same time learning from this beautiful culture. 


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