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'Talk & Drum' is a series of session on the content of exploring Africa, through History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Story-telling, Cultural & Sociopolitical development. 

The Series was started by our chairman Makha Diop on the topic of 'Decolonization of Africa'. With his life experience of growing up on the historical island - Gorée in Senegal, West Africa, a nurturing environment educating African values and the art of drumming and dance, to the 20+ years of adventure in Hong Kong, carrying the same strong values, resilience and the mission to promote and preserve the art & culture in this complex city. Not only the exclusive part of history is inspiring, the stories continued to bring us to deep reflection on the ethical and racial problems in the world, in general 'humanity'. 
The second session, audience got to experience the history and the resilience through the drums (Djembe). The manifestation.

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