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  • Learning in a drum circle, a traditional practice that is preserved to nourish & acknowledge a community, also to strengthen interpersonal bonds.

  • Progressively from basic drumming hand movements to rhythms of the Djembe, the course aims to develop children’s rhythm sense as well as the collective growth of an ensemble.

  • Traditional African songs and accompanying instruments will be introduced, such as the Dundun (bass drum), Cow Bells, the Balafone, Shakers, Cascas... 

Drumming Kids

Course Details

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CLASS A (6-8 years old)
Thur          4:30 - 5:20pm

CLASS B (3-5 years old)

Sat        11:00 - 11:45pm


Whatsapp 9551 5020 Makha 


13th Foo Tak Building, 365 Hennessy RD, Wan Chai, HK


a creative space for children to explore their talents, express themselves and meet new friends! 



The session is conducted by African master drummer Makha Diop, who was born into the community of drummers and dancers in Senegal. Having over 15 years of transmitting the art and culture in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia with his pioneer group African Drumming and Dance Connection, Makha is experienced and passionate in working with children, where he has developed the work with numerous schools and education institutes. 

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